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The Road Home - Exhibition in The Red Church - 2023

‘The Road Home’ is a cycle of 12 paintings created for exhibition in the Red Church. The paintings were created on site,

in my studio located in the old convent, Catherine McAuley Centre, after being artist in residence here for almost 2 years. (hosted by the O’Connell Family Practice)


When creating this cycle I reflected on the history of the place, both the former living quarters of the nuns, where my workshop is, and the Orphan’s (Red) church, where the work is now installed. So many lives played out between these walls in what once was a formidable institution. I thought about the children who went to school here, as I once did, and beyond that the children who knew this place as their only home. I sought to honour their spirit and the spirit of childhood, that playful spontaneity, through the use of bright colours and ‘colouring outside the lines’   

The title of the show is undeniably personal. Having lived and worked in many places around the world, often using improvised and makeshift workspaces in order to continue an artist practice, I was both surprised and grateful to be granted the opportunity to set up a studio back in my hometown, Kells. Thanks to this opportunity I was able to connect with the local secondary schools, Eureka and my old school St Ciaran's, and work with the pupils towards the creation of murals for display around their schools. All of the knowledge and experience from so many years studying and practising, I was able to share with these fledgling artists, and furthermore to embed into my own work towards the nourishment and enrichment of the local community. Further details here

Derick Smith 2023 - The Road Home Exhibition 2.jpg
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